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"All you need is love"

We're taught that love is something that you feel. Not something that you are taught...

Safe Love Project teaches

  • How to identify unhealthy relationship behavior

  • How to set appropriate boundaries in your own friendships and relationships

  • How to intervene as a bystander witnessing sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking

  • How to protect yourself from harassment and abuse online

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Erica Barry founded the Safe Love Project as a resource to empower the next generation to pursue healthy relationships and avoid life-threatening violence.

  • Completed 40-Hour Domestic Violence Counselor Training through Casa de la Familia, meeting the requirements set by California Evidence Code 1037

  • Developed the "Learn to Love" Curriculum to help college students identify the warning signs of unhealthy relationships before they turn abusive

  • Leads regular workshops and seminars at schools, universities, and community organizations

Erica Barry, Founder